Very quickly, the Kiosk has become a laidback place to meet, complete with music. This social magnet is now mischievously but lovingly referred to as Parking Bar, Cement Bar (due to its angular architecture), Cable Car, Bus Wash or Schnappviech (after the famous “Egetmann” Carnival parade in Tramin).


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Good, central starting point for tours and “the place to be” for the après bike. Appetisers and
Aperol Spritz. A small, delicious soft ice cream is served with espresso, and every now and then a party with DJ.

Bike Magazine (CH)

Ideal for relaxing after a hard day’s training.

Riccardo Tonetti

Alpine skier in the Italian national squad

Café at the Parking Lot. Highly recommended. Cosy lounge, good music & super coffee. Great for relaxation after a beautiful day’s walking!


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